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Location & Directions

Transit Information

Highway 101 North or South, exit at Ceasar Chavez (Army)/Potrero. Take Potrero Avenue north, right on 24th Street to Visitor Parking.
Bus Routes
Hospital serviced by 48-Quintana, 9-San Bruno, 33-Haight and 7B-Sam Trans bus lines.  
Use Clinic Entrance, take elevator to 3-M on 3rd floor.

MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway)

  • #9
  • #33
  • #48
  • #27 (requires walk of at least three blocks; get off between 22nd and 24th streets and proceed east)
  • #19 (requires walk of at least three blocks plus crossing over the freeway at 23rd street [use the overpass]; get off near 23rd and proceed west)

Map of Area Around SFGH
from the Yahoo Mapit site.

Additional information about MUNI